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Dear Classic Visitors,

When today’s top automobile designers build a brand new vehicle, they look to the past for inspiration and the stylistic elements that consumers loved. They blend them with today’s clean lines and high technology, which results in a “modern classic” that is better than the original.

The team at Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. is committed to doing the same with shade structures. We draw on classic architectural styles and combine them with years of experience in engineering and landscape architecture. The result is the highest quality shelter in the industry, setting the standard for quick and easy construction and good looks. Years of working closely with design professionals has resulted in a wide variety of innovative solutions for virtually any recreational or outdoor use. By partnering with your team, Classic Recreation Systems provides you with truly distinctive solutions for your design needs – just send in your sketches and we will provide the construction drawings!

Government agencies, schools, and private companies alike recognize Classic Recreation’s quality, and continue to specify our designs throughout the world. They appreciate a company that does the job right without compromising quality, while maintaining integrity and respect for project deadlines.

Our name is our motto: “We are dedicated to providing classic shade structure designs for the recreation industry, with the most innovative construction systems available.” And you get a modern classic with years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Please visit our Products page to view our extensive variety of structures ranging from kiosks, to bus stops, to picnic shelters, to dugouts, etc. We look forward to doing business with us in the future.

Please contact the local representative for our products by selecting your area on our dealer map.

Thank you,
The Classic Recreation Team