Theater On The Green

The Town of Prescott Valley Arts and Culture Commission cordially invites you to the ribbon cutting ceremony and premiere performances on the vast green lawns of the Civic Center campus at our newly improved amphitheater, “Theater on the Green.” This gala grand opening event will take place from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 11 at the Prescott Valley Civic Center.

This celebration officially launches the new covered stage built and installed by Classic Recreation Systems.  The covered metal stage structure is at the Civic Center Amphitheater and this grand opening will be the first of many events to be held throughout the season.

The Grand Opening will be attended by local dignitaries and esteemed guests from the Quad-City area. Live music and entertainment will be provided by the Bradshaw Mountain High School Jazz Band, Mile High Comedy Theater and Yavapai College Jazz Band.

This free public event on the rolling lawns of the Civic Center Campus provides plenty of free parking and space to set your lawn chairs and blankets for an open air evening of festivities.  Enjoy dinner and free entertainment with an unobstructed view of the mountains and sunsets from the Civic Center amphitheater.

Box Dinners (chicken, beef or vegetarian wraps, pasta salad and lemon bars) are available for pre-purchase at Cork and Cuisine, 2985 N. Center Court, through April 3rd. Snacks and refreshments will be available onsite from the Bradshaw Mountain Band Boosters.

Visit the Quad Cities’ newest outdoor venue with an atmosphere of class, comfort, taste and distinction. Enjoy the covered theater proudly manufactured by Classic Recreation.  ”We look forward to the many events, celebrations and memories to come” said Brian Witty, Director of Parks and Recreation.  Please call the Town of Prescott Valley at (800) 697-2195 or for additional information.

Shade for Amphitheater In Prescott Valley

Amphitheater in Prescott ValleyThe Town of Prescott Valley, AZ has been in need of an amphitheater shelter cover for years at their outdoor stage located between city hall and the police station. The grand opening for this new amphitheater is schedule for April 11 – Click for More. The raised concrete stage is an ideal area for outdoor concerts being the focal point of a wide expanse of gently sloping lawn. Without a roof to protect performers from the hot Arizona sun and no built in sound system or lighting, performances were “left in the dark and out in the cold.”

The Town asked Classic Recreation Systems to design a structure that would meet their budget and provide the desired amenities to fulfill their needs.  Classic Recreation utilized our standard powder coated tubular steel frame and designed and fabricated custom tubular steel trusses. The roof included a 2”x 6” tongue and groove ceiling and standing seam roof to match the existing buildings. Classic Recreation designed this structure to fit the stage which was extended approximately 15’ in front. Work is currently being wrapped up and the town is anxious to begin concerts this spring.

This shade structure was part of an overall project with construction crews upgrading the outdoor Civic Center amphitheater and integrating the custom covering over the stage.

The roof construction project was completed in January, 2015 to ensure that upcoming holiday events would not be disrupted.

“They are working hard to keep the site secure and they pulled the wood forms off the front of the stage this morning,” the town’s Capital Projects Coordinator Kim Moon said at the end of the project.

She added that, based on recommendations from the town’s Parks and Recreation staff, the custom Sierra Model pre-fabricated roof matches the architecture of the Civic Center complex that includes the police and library buildings.

Click here to read the article from the Prescott Valley Tribune.

Please call us at (800) 697-2195 or email for pricing and additional information.


The Best Place To Do Your Business

You are at a beautiful park, enjoying the wonders of nature, when nature decides to “call.” You look for the nearest restroom that doesn’t consist of a tree and it’s not so soft leaves, when behold, all you can find is the dreaded port-a-potty! This port-a-potty looks like it has been used as Rocky’s punching bag, the heat has transformed the aroma from the inside contents into a scent no candle maker is clamoring to add to their collection, and that lovely heat has also made the temperature in the inside of this little cubicle so hot that even your sweat beads are sweating. So what do you do? You either bare the horrible elements, or you leave the park to find a more suitable “potty” area.

Classic Recreation has created a line of eco-friendly and solar shade structure products so that you don’t have to leave an area to find a more suitable potty refuge. These structures, which can enclose the port-a-potty, were created not only to add a comforting look and feel to the traditional port-a-potty with sleek lines that maintain the architectural theme of the park or site, but these structures provide shade so that the internal temperature of the port-a-potty stays much cooler, providing more comfort for the user and minimalizing the port-a-potty aroma which can be heightened because of the heat. These structures, which are ideal for parks, recreational areas, and community sites, improve the look of the facility, helps deter vandalism and overturning, and protects the port-a-potty from the elements, extending the life of the port-a-potty.

These are just four of the many models that Classic Recreation offers to help add beauty and function to your port-a-potty. The Mesa model is one of the more popular models that can feature a standing seam and hip roof design to efficiently protect your port-a-potty from the elements. It is available in different shapes and sizes. The  right picture is the Orlando model with a privacy screen. This model is a sleak and more cost-effective design.

The Orlando model is also easily customizable and available in different sizes. The picture on the left is the Northwest model. This eye-catching and striking design offers excellent ventilation due to its clerestory roof design, while still providing protection against the elements. This model is available in many sizes and roof pitches.

The picture to the right is a Colorado model. This model provides a distinctive curved roof that offers an uncluttered appearance. The Colorado is available in different sizes and is also available with ornamentation.  Most of these structures can be augmented with a gate, screen, or screen in an “L” shape to improve privacy, security and vandal resistance.

The Most High-Tech Swim You’ll Ever Take

For years the residents of downtown Glendale had been looking for something to do when the stifling heat of the California sun was beating down. Until just recently the answers seemed to be simply this; stay inside.

The reason was that Glendale had a severe lack of open spaces and no place to go when the temperatures started to rise, leaving residents with little choice but to seek shelter indoors, out of the sweltering sun.

That all changed when the Pacific Park Pool Project was born. Today the lucky residents of this urban California community have a 4900 square foot, 6-lane swimming pool facility surrounded by comfortable shade structures.  Visitors can use the pool to cool off and enjoy themselves, even when the temperature skyrockets.

Not only is the pool fantastically beautiful and eye-catching, it’s also accessible by foot, bicycle or with Glendale’s public transportation system.  It’s also one of the most high tech recreation centers in the state and possibly the country.  As one of the major partners in the project, Classic Recreation provided state of the art, high-tech shade structures with incorporated solar panels that provide nearly 40% of the facilities energy as well as looking fantastic and adding much-needed shade to the pool’s deck area.

Indeed, the new pool and surrounding structures are so energy-efficient that they received a LEED Certification with a Platinum Rating and exceed California’s stringent Title 24 building energy performance requirements

Centrally located at Pacific Park the new pool has given residents of this overcrowded inner-city area a new reason to celebrate and a lovely new facility that incorporates some of the world’s leading green technologies.

Classic Recreation is extremely proud to have been involved in the design process and the results of their combined work have to be seen to be believed.

Today, thanks to Classic Recreation and the myriad designers of the Pacific Park Pool, when someone in Glendale asks the question “what should we do today?” the emphatic answer is “let’s go to the pool!”.

Some additional details about this project include:

  • The facility has two arrays of photovoltaic panels, one on top of the shade structures  and one on the building roof, which generate approximately 22,000 kWh of energy per year, roughly 40% of the building’s energy demand.
  • Shade structures give a place for people to rest and relax out of the sun.
  • The City’s mandate for a Green Building, the project received a LEED Certification with a Platinum Rating.


Click here to read more about this project.