Richland Community Park

The Richland Board of Supervisors in Pennsylvania was able to fund the purchase a new picnic pavilion, trail system, soccer zone and family play zone for Richland Community Park.  It was funded by bonds, a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and a contribution by a local housing development.

The supervisors voted unanimously to purchase a 60-foot steel picnic shelter from Classic Recreation Systems for the Park.  The supervisors previously had approved a 42-foot pavilion, but decided to go with the larger structure after getting the contribution from the home developer.

Richland taxpayers have benefited from both the beautiful park additions and financially by refinancing the municipal bonds. For more information, read the full article.

Now Offering Solar Lighting

Classic now offers solar lighting for our structures. This includes flexible and light- weight solar laminates. The solar laminate does not require penetrating the structure roof or additional load bearing capacity.Our laminates resist hurricane-force winds, and, because they are glass-free, they are ultra-durable and resistant to vandalism. They are also very tolerant of shade, non-ideal installation angles, and high heat conditions. Classic Solar Systems include the laminate solar collectors, a combiner box, wiring and lighting to provide a complete lighting system for your shelter.

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Cochiti Campground

As part of the Cochiti Campground’s Phase II development plan, a series of attractive, copper-colored curved panel shelters were constructed to provide shade for picnicking and play. Located in New Mexico in Sandoval County, the project included the construction of about 30 such shelters. They were fabricated by Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. Classic specializes in pre-fabricated steel shelters that can be quickly assembled at the job site using hidden bolt connections. The Cochiti project utilizes Classic’s 12’ x 12’ Colorado curved roof model.

Classic Recreation’s Colorado curved-roof shelters come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 8’ to 50’ in width. There’s no limit to the length they can be produced in.

The recreation site/campground is located within the boundaries of the Pueblo de Cochiti Indian Reservation. Cochiti Lake is on the Rio Grande, about halfway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

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Community Park in Glendale Arizona

A community park utilized a series of curved roof shelters to provide shade and comfort to park visitors. The project included one triangle kiosk and 15 Colorado model shelters in two different sizes-25 by 34 1/2 feet (8 by 11 m) and 30 by 42 feet (9 by 13 m)-fabricated by Classic Recreation Systems Inc.

The components were all prefabricated by Classic Recreation. The layout of the shelters consists of two concentric circles, with the smaller shelters in the center and the larger ones in the outer circle.

Completed in March 2009, the new facility is designed to accommodate numerous picnic parties simultaneously, with the smaller structures featuring built-in barbecues with counters, benches and raised planters.

For more on this project, read the full article.

Las Vegas Wash

In Nevada, the Las Vegas Wash Trail system is being developed on a phased basis to connect a network of paths stretching across the valley from northwest Las Vegas to the Clark County Wetlands Park. Most of the trails run along the washes, hidden gems providing a habitat for nature and a respite for city-weary visitors. The trails provide routes for pedestrian and non-motorized vehicles and are dotted with a series of curved-roof structures, fabricated by Dewey, AZ’s Classic Recreation.

The prefabricated steel structures offer a cost-effective alternative to site-built shelters without compromising aesthetics. For the Las Vegas Wash Trail system, Classic Recreation has provided 16 Ocotillo model shelters and one Colorado model to date, ranging in size from 10’ x 10’ up to 20’ x 20’.

The Las Vegas Wash is an important ecological resource for southern Nevada as well as a recreational experience for trail users. It provides habitat to more than 300 fish and wildlife species and nearly 300 species of plants.

The trail system has been so popular that it is being expanded.  Several additional Ocotillo structures have been added since 2009.

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Iowa River Gazebo

The Iowa River Gazebo in Coralville, IA, is a trail rest stop that overlooks the river and features free-standing exhibits and historical displays that explain Coralville’s history and founding.

Classic Recreation Systems of Dewey, AZ, prefabricated the gazebo framing and roofing for fast and easy final assembly at the project site using hidden bolt connections.

According to Jesse W. Lewis, ASLA, a partner at RDG Planning & Design: “The gazebo’s arched metal roofs link the structure to the arches of the new pedestrian bridge that crosses the Iowa River and connects the Iowa City peninsula to the Coralville riverfront. The brick and stone gazebo materials pay homage to the architectural materials of the adjacent 1900′s vintage Iowa River Power Restaurant (an adaptive re-use of the Iowa River Power Company). The appearance and form of the gazebo established the design benchmark and building materials vocabulary for future development along the Iowa River in Coralville.”

For more information, read the full article.

Welcome to Classic Recreation

Dear Classic Visitors,

When today’s top automobile designers build a brand new vehicle, they look to the past for inspiration and the stylistic elements that consumers loved. They blend them with today’s clean lines and high technology, which results in a “modern classic” that is better than the original.

The team at Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. is committed to doing the same with shade structures. We draw on classic architectural styles and combine them with years of experience in engineering and landscape architecture. The result is the highest quality shelter in the industry, setting the standard for quick and easy construction and good looks. Years of working closely with design professionals has resulted in a wide variety of innovative solutions for virtually any recreational or outdoor use. By partnering with your team, Classic Recreation Systems provides you with truly distinctive solutions for your design needs – just send in your sketches and we will provide the construction drawings!

Government agencies, schools, and private companies alike recognize Classic Recreation’s quality, and continue to specify our designs throughout the world. They appreciate a company that does the job right without compromising quality, while maintaining integrity and respect for project deadlines.

Our name is our motto: “We are dedicated to providing classic shade structure designs for the recreation industry, with the most innovative construction systems available.” And you get a modern classic with years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Please visit our Products page to view our extensive variety of structures ranging from kiosks, to bus stops, to picnic shelters, to dugouts, etc. We look forward to doing business with us in the future.

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