Entries and Restrooms

Romeoville, IL: This skate park may be closed for the season, but this Colorado model entry is always open for business!

Classic Recreation Systems provides steel frame and roof structure. Restrooms provided by others.

Knoxville, TN: Rectagular Campion model is half picnic area, half concession and restroom facility. Galvalume steel roof.

Oregon Model at Turneberry Towers, Las Vegas.Knoxville, TN: 22' 6" x 22' 6" custom covers a site-built block restroom. Cool Weathered Copper standing seam roofUniversity of Iowa, Iowa City, IA: A 4' x 18' Cheyenne recalls Iowa's heritage at a modern college football training facility

Ryan Field, Baton Rouge, LA: 10' x 25' Colorado model airport parking pay stationWest Fork, Glenview, IL: 32' x 32' Scottsdale bathroom with cupola and abundant picnic space.Anthem, AZ: A large custom Denver model easily encloses multiple bathroom facilities in this large community park.

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