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The following resources and links are provided as a courtesy.
We cannot vouch for all of the products and/or business represented by these links.


A Bit About Shade Structures

Just about every park, community, and homeowner has at one time or another looked for that one thing that will make their landscape stand out from all the rest. One of the best ways to make your landscape unique is to install an outdoor shade structure, gazebo or pergola. An outdoor gazebo can serve many functions - The possibilities are virtually endless.

Classic Recreation System's partnership with paint suppliers allows us to offer competitive priced, innovative products to the end-user. These 20 year partnerships have helped not only promote metal roofing, but have offered architects, landscape architects and designers the quality and selection only achieved by a partnership. Out paint is one of the highest grades commercial paint systems available on the market today. These are Energy Star finishes that release heat from the metal roof faster than a normal steel roof thereby creating a more comfortable shade structure for the occupants. We offer a wide variety of roof profile combined with innovative designs. For long lasting and proven shade structures, contact Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. and be assured that you will receive the best available roofing products.

Home and business owners alike are increasingly turning to shade structures for a number of reasons, from added curb appeal to energy savings. But we find another key benefit our clients relish is the added space that comes from custom canopies and to shade the sun .

Reasons to Provide Shade:

  1. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States from people not getting enough shade . More than 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people are diagnosed annually. 
  2. Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer then the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon. 
  3. Over the past three decades, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined. 
  4. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a gazebos lifetime . 
  5. Half of all adults report at least one sunburn in the past 12 months.

With the increase in awareness of the impact of the UV rays on our children, shade on the playground has become a necessity. We offer the finest line of shade shelter structures available in the business in a multitude of shapes and endless colors. The shades offer protection from the shade sun, rain, and lower ambient temperatures in the play area. Shades over playstructures increase the play value, eliminate the risk of contact burns, and ultimately extend the life of the equipment.

The Richland Board of Supervisors in Pennsylvania was able to fund the purchase a new picnic shade structure, trail system, soccer zone and family play zone for Richland Community Park.  It was funded by bonds, a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and a contribution by a local housing development.

The shade supervisors voted unanimously to purchase a 60-foot steel picnic shelter from Classic Recreation Systems for the Park.  The supervisors previously had approved a 42-foot pavilion, but decided to go with the larger structure after getting the contribution from the home developer.

Shade structures can take on many website forms and be constructed using a range of different materials, ranging from fully framed and roofed structures to tensioned sail structures. Each form has different characteristics, performance and cost implications.

Siting and design of shade structures shall consider the following general prescott issues:

• The range of required uses, from general shade provisions to covering playgrounds, sand pits and hard play areas.
• The sun path at various times of the year to ensure that the shade is provided where and when it is most required.
• Proximity to existing search optimization buildings and shading of windows.

The team at Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. (CRS) is committed to doing the same with shade structures. They draw on classic dental website architectural styles and combine them with years of experience in engineering and landscape architecture. The result is the highest quality shelter in the industry, setting the standard for quick and easy construction and good looks. Years of working closely with dental assistant design professionals has resulted in a wide variety of innovative solutions for virtually any recreational or outdoor use. By partnering with your team, Classic Recreation Systems provides you with truly distinctive solutions for your design needs—just send in your sketches and CRS will provide the construction drawings!

The uses for Shade Structures are only limited by the dental assisting programs imagination, some applications include automobile dealerships, park & playground, schools, daycare centers, carwashes, pools & water parks, sports & athletic facilities, stadiums & amphitheaters, hotels & resorts, or retail & community centers; parking lots, and many more.

When looking for a prefabricated steel ffa chino valley shade shelter, pavilion, gazebo and kiosk here are 6 points to consider.

  1. Design: Is the design aesthetically pleasing ? Is it to scale or proportional ? Do the columns, eave height, roof pitch give the structure a pleasing look?
  2. Installation: Is the structure easy to install? Are the install instructions easy to understand for a dental assistant ? Are the frame and roof members easily identified and the connections easily accessible ? Are the roof sections cut precisely and do they install quickly? All trim pieces properly packed and protected and easy to attach?
  3. Durability: Is the structure engineered for the loading and wind conditions for the area in which it is to be installed, CRSI standard is 30 pound live load and 100 mile per hour wind. However in Florida where we engineered dental assisting torrance for 150 mph wind, we have never lost a shelter through all the hurricanes.
  4. Vandal resistance: Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. can coat frame members with anti graffiti coating to prevent “Taggers” from ruining the frame finish. All steel structures are fire resistant and have hidden connections so vandals can’t disassemble the structure.
  5. Low Maintenance: By using all dental assistant Murrieta steel structures, maintenance is significantly reduced saving the owner long term O & M costs
  6. Source of Revenue: Many times parks will rent out their structures for weddings, corporate picnics etc. providing a revenue stream.

Whether your dental assisting portland requirement is a Park Shelter, Kiosk, Bus Stop, Entryway, Dugout or Trellis, and your client is a School, Park, Ball Field, Church, Military Base or Municipality, Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. has, and continues to be the leader in pre fabricated steel structures, recognized world wide.Metal gazebos add a sense of luxuriousness to your garden. The dental assistant Nashville gazebo canopies are often found at weddings, parks, and parties, but in the past few years they have become extremely popular items that you can now find in the backyards of many homes.

As the demand for dental assisting Maryland metal gazebo canopies increases, different models are constantly being produced and older models are being recreated to better suit today's costumers. The result is that the market is now filled to the brim with various unique gazebo canopy designs. Due to the huge variety it is nearly impossible to not find a metal gazebo canopy that meets your specific requirements.

While there are various dental assistant materials that gazebo canopies are made out of, such as wood, metal is by far the best material to use for a gazebo canopy. While it is true that wooden gazebos are generally much more appealing to the eyes, weather makes it highly likely that you would have to replace your wooden gazebo shortly after purchasing it. The same applies to dental assisting Fort Worth gazebos which are made from material like plastic. These materials create beautiful short term canopies, but for those who want something more long term they are completely useless. Always take into account the damage that the weather might cause. It is very easy for rain to rot wood and for heavy storms to break plastic.

The positive benefits you gain from metal dental assistant Fort Collins gazebos lie mainly in their durability. They are generally weather proof. Whether it is raining cats and dogs, snowing heavily, or there is fierce wind blowing, the chances of the metal gazebo being undamaged are extremely high. Also due to the fact that dental assistant detroit gazebos being metal, it is extremely difficult to break. This is a lifesaver for those of you who have children who like to run around and play in the backyard. Come rain, sleet, snow, or energetic children a metal gazebo will stand firm.

Government agencies, schools, and private Dental Assistant companies alike recognize CRS’s quality, and continue to specify CRS designs throughout the world. They appreciate a company that does the job right without compromising quality, while maintaining integrity and respect for project deadlines.Our name is our motto: “We are dedicated to providing classic shade structure designs for the recreational dental assistant industry, with the most innovative construction systems available.” And you get a modern classic with years of trouble-free enjoyment.

For over 20 years Classic has served the needs of Dental Assisting Denver landscape architects, city planners, and park designers with steel structures that protect against the elements. The structures are the highest quality in the industry, setting the standard for quick and easy construction with good looks.

At Classic Recreation, our wealth in dentistry cover shade structures are designed and manufactured out of the highest quality materials and offer the maximum overall value and longevity for installation over playground areas, large picnic areas or general assembly areas. These dental marketing event structures provide full protection from the sun as well as protection from the rain and snow. Generally speaking, hard cover shade structures cost more when compared to the more economical soft cover shade structures and shade sails. However , these permanent dental consulting structures offer more overall value over time as they are more vandal resistant and offer more protection against the sun and weather. All of our shade products are available in a wide range of colors and styles and can be custom designed to complement the overall appearance of any existing site or playground facility.

When it comes to dental assistant protection from the harmful rays of the sun, Classic Recreation offers its customers several choices including economical soft cover shade structures and shade sails, as well as the more durable hard cover structures which are considered permanent structures, capable of spanning long distances. While requiring a larger up front investment, hard cover dental assistant shade structures are more suitable for installation at high traffic areas such as city parks, public schools and universities. Being that they are constructed out of heavier duty materials, these structures are more vandal resistant and can be designed to withstand heavy winds.

The tepee will serve dentist chino valley as a picnic shelter, entertainment pavilion and pow wow area. It will have a large fire pit located near the front. Native scenes are planned to be painted on the steel walls/roof of the tepee. This tepee is thought to be the largest fully covered tepee in North America, if not the world.The Dene First Nation is an Athabascan speaking people which call themselves “Dene”, meaning “The People”. The Dene has been in the Athabasca region for thousands of years and were hunters and gatherers migrating with the Baron Caribou.It is believed that some of the Dene people migrated south to the United States and became what is now known as the Apache and Navajo nations which are now largely located in Arizona.

Back in 1989 when Newell Roundy, President of Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. was a sleep apnea landscape architect in the Phoenix area, he often remarked about the lack of prefabricated steel shade shelters whose proportions, details and designs were of the quality that he wanted to use in the numerous projects he was working on. Newell teamed with Jack Cahill his partner, who was raised in the steel manufacturing business, and had the same sleep dream of creating the finest quality, long lasting, shade structures with new and innovative designs and connections. That partnership created Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. and for the past 16 years Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. has been the industry leader in dentist Virginia design, fabrication, and innovative connections. We were the first to design hidden connections where you can not see bolts, now all of out competitors are following our lead not only in fabrication and erection but also in design. The main goal for both Newell and Jack was not to be the biggest sleep temecula in the industry but to be the best.

Gazebos have been used in gardens around the world for hundreds of years. The classic type that we see most often in modern times is a six sided structure which has a metal roof. The main components of most gazebos that you see in many town squares are painted up in bright white dental implants. The most typical metal used on gazebos has been steel which is a good alternative that will last a long time.

If you want a gazebo that will last for many years to come and one that is virtually motorcycle maintenance free, then take a look at the various styles of metal gazebos that will enhance your garden. When it comes to long lasting structures with strength, stability and sturdiness, then you can’t beat the qualities of metal.

The best part about any metal sun shade gazebo is its ability to withstand everything that a wood gazebo is prone to. Rot, termites, fading, warping, twisting, chipping, checking, discoloring – these elements are nothing to a metal gazebo.

Hilton Worldwide recently released a dental assisting Houston directive for all of their hotels to install smoking shelters.  Smoking shelters and shade structures to meet the directive are now available from Classic Recreation Systems, a national manufacturer of high quality pre-fabricated steel Dental Assistant Connecticut shelters with 24 years of experience.  These structures are built from heavy duty powder coated tubular steel frames with 24 gauge steel roofing which includes a 30 year paint finish.  Many other dental assistant atlanta roofs are available such as tile or fiberglass shingles set on a handsome 2”x 6” tongue groove sub-roof.

This constant movement of the sun makes it difficult to predict where the air conditioner shade will fall on an object . For this reason, a lot of shade is incorrectly located and poorly designed, resulting in built or natural shade that does not shade an area where it is needed most. To ensure that your shade falls in the right place at the right time, you may decide to seek professional advice.

All plants love the sunlight, but sometimes to much exposure can harm the plants. That is why dental assisting memphis shade shelters are great because they can provide shade for plants and also anything else around your pond. They also help maintain the water temperature so its safe for any fish.

Inspired by turn-of-the-century barns, the Cheyenne model is available in a variety of square or rectangular sizes. The standard dental assistant detroit model is supplied with tubular steel columns, though masonry may be added as shown below. Easily enclosed with clerestory windows.

• Unique turn-of-the-century styling
• Masonry columns may be added
• 2nd tier provides excellent ventilation
• Measured outside to outside of lower roof fascia

The path of the sun and its effect on shade

It is important for dental assistant van nuys to understand the sun’s path to predict where a tree or shadestructure will cast its shadow. The sun moves continuously across the sky during the day, from rising in the east to setting in the west. There are three basic shade patterns every day:

  1. Morning: the shadow falls in a westerly direction away
    from the object casting the shadow
  2. Midday: the gymnastics prescott gymnasts shadow will be under the object casting
    the shadow
  3. Afternoon: the shadow falls in an easterly direction
    away from the object casting the shadow

“Shade will be the next huge dental assistant innovation in tennis courts and facilities,” Ball says, “not just for players, but also for spectators. The demand for shade will significantly change the look of tennis courts and clubs.”

As more and more dental assistant houston people come to realize the detrimental effects that too much sun can have on their health, shade structures are becoming more important. Typically, shade structures have been made of wood, which, while attractive, requires building permits, needs a fair amount of upkeep and can be expensive. Or they’ve been made of metal, which costs less than wood but isn’t as appealing visually. However, both wood and metal morning dentistry structures have solid roofs, so they hold hot air close to the ground, which won’t provide as much relief from the heat. Other choices have been semi-permanent awnings or umbrellas.

In general, the fabric part of a permanent six figure shade structure represents about 20 percent of the total cost, according to Ball of BPI. What that means, though, is it’s easy and relatively inexpensive to replace the fabric, say, if the club or facility decides to change colors or décor. Adding decorative touches later, such as a scalloped edge, also is easy and inexpensive. In addition, permanent fabric structures are typically designed for quick take-down in the event of an approaching major dental emergency kit storm or hurricane. The tops come off easily then are put back on easily, after the danger has passed. With wood or metal structures, damage to siding and shingles can be expensive to repair or replace.

Protection from the scorching sun is undoubtedly a necessity especially during hot summer months to avoid foot care and dermatological problems including severe ones like skin cancer. Shade sails or sun shades, as they are more familiarly known, offer extensive protection in outdoor areas – unlike standard sun umbrellas that provide limited shade.

Shade sails protect you not only from the heat and deadly ultra violet rays, but also offer bunion care protection from rains as the materials used in the shades are sturdy and water-proof. If a single sail is not enough to offer desired level of protection you can use multiple shade sails. You can place different sails at different angles to cover a larger area.





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