Roof Details

Steel Roof Specifications

24 gauge standard with 30-year warrantied paint finish on top and white paint on bottom.

Sandard HR_36
• 3' wide panels w/ 7 3/16" o.c. rib
spacing, 1½" profile

Optional Standing Seam
• 12" or 17" oc wide panels w/ 1¾"
high rib, smooth panel (upcharge applies)

Optional Super Span
• 3' wide panels w/ 12" o.c. rib
spacing, 1 ¼" profi le

Optional Nu-Wave Crrugated Steel Roof
• 37” wide panel w/ 7/8” high ribs
spaced 2 2/3” o.c.

All color swatches are approximations only! The quality of your monitor may vary from the true colors. PLEASE CALL FOR ACTUAL COLOR MATERIAL SAMPLES.



Classic Recreation System's partnership with paint suppliers allows us to offer competitive priced, innovative products to the end-user. These 20 year partnerships have helped not only promote metal roofing, but have offered architects, landscape architects and designers the quality and selection only achieved by a partnership. Out paint is one of the highest grades commercial paint systems available on the market today. These are Energy Star finishes that release heat from the metal roof faster than a normal steel roof thereby creating a more comfortable shade structure for the occupants. We offer a wide variety of roof profile combined with innovative designs. For long lasting and proven shade structures, contact Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. and be assured that you will receive the best available roofing products.

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